Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday 10/3/2017 -This Week's Wristwatches.

Short one this week, gang. Had a couple of very rude and very unreasonable customers to deal with by phone and e-mail this week.
However, it's Friday and they are fast becoming a distant memory.

Okay, last Saturday's watch was the recently-arrived Enicar Ultrasonic.

Sunday, I switched over to the Omega Seamaster 300. Here it is, in a nice, grainy surveillance-style photo. I will have to get that West German chess clock fixed one of these days. 
I should probably learn to play chess first.  

Tuesday rolled around, and I still had the Seamaster 300 clamped to my wrist. As far as dive watches go, it's a perfect design. Clear and legible, sparse and no-nonsense.

Got home from work on Wednesday and popped open a cold one before getting changed out of my work wardrobe and into more casual duds. 

And got home a little later than usual this evening because I had to make a pit-stop to grab some cheese, salami and pizza bases. My usual market was out of these bases, so I had to kick into Plan B and head out to another supermarket where I found the last two packets on the shelves. 
I tell ya, it's some kind of conspiracy. All I wanted to do was make a pizza, but it seemed to be a trickier proposition than I thought it would be.  
Not the end of the world, though. I got there in the end. 

Anyway, another week down and a three-day long weekend coming up. All's well. 

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend! 


  1. Difficult customers? On rough days like that we have at our house what we call ESP - 'Emergency Scotch Protocol'.

    I'm working all long weekend. Which is nice for the money, but bad for the mental health. Hope your next week is better!

    1. Hey Scott, yes when I got home, I activated an Emergency Beer Protocol, since we've had a warm spell here in Melbourne lately.
      Working extra for the money is all well and good, but you gotta jack back and relax too. Of course, a proper work/life balance is a tricky thing to achieve. Enjoy your next day off!