Thursday 13 December 2012

Apocalypse Nah!

Not the most comfortable typing position, but the cool change had kicked in.

The world can't end on the 21st. I just got the car serviced.


  1. The end of the world for the Mayans already ended so I do not put any faith into any predictions for our time.

  2. Well, if the world goes nuts on the 21st, I'm screwed. No stored foodstuffs, a lousy fallback defensive position, my rifles and body armor all in storage and just a couple pistols and maybe 100 rounds of ammo in the house. Is it considered "triple-tapping" if you're dispatching zombies while typing? :D

  3. @ Bill M, I remember a documentary I saw (back in 1981) where Nostradamus claimed that the world would end in 1996.

    @ maschinengeschrieben, if it's a hot day on the 21st, then the beer will flow.

    @ Ted, yes, I would call it "triple-tapping", but if the world goes nuts (or MORE nuts)on the 21st, then I'm sure you'll have bigger problems than trying to type while double-tapping zombies.
    Aaah, if only zombies were real...

  4. There have been so many cries of wolf by now i don't believe any of them. It does make me think of rereading Charles Fort, if I can find my copies of his books.

  5. In a parallel universe of course, I suppose it might be the end of the world. Just like it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

  6. I think a creative End Timer could fashion a pretty serviceable weapon out of a busted Corona 3 and an old belt. Would two old watches and dental floss make a decent garotte?

    Pesky detail about the Mayan calendar: the National Geographic Society sponsored an expedition that found a cave with a calendar that kept on going. I was kind of looking forward to seeing real zombies and giant monsters, but it appears I am out of luck.

    1. I hear you, Dwayne. Real zombies and giant monsters would be cool. All slaughter, no guilt.

  7. I've typed on the bonnet of my car. It's a great spot if there's isn't a lot of wind! Looks pretty chilled there. Hope you enjoy the end of the world!